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The Port of Kolkata is the only riverine Major Port in India with two Dock Systems, one at Kolkata and the other at Haldia. Sophisticated Port facilities for handling diverse cargo like break bulk, bulk, containers, etc. are available with extensive storage facility. The Port has a customer friendly approach and plays a vital role in the promotion of international trade of the country. It also has the opportunity of developing into a hub for inland water transport.

A Brief Description of its Present Situation

In contrast to the development of other Asian ports such as Hong Kong, Singapore and Pusan, India's ports have experienced a decline in the growth rate of cargo volumes. Worries about a decline in international competitiveness and "hollowing out" make the present time a difficult one.

A primary factor in this has been the delay in construction of advanced facilities, inefficient working hours and the high cost structure of port logistics at our country's ports and harbours.

At the Kolkata Port , to promote higher quality services and lower total charges, the "Creation of a User Friendly Port" Promotion Committee was established by 6 groups of port related administrative bodies and private businesses in 1997. In 2003, the "Present Plans and Future Proposals for the Creation of a User Friendly Port of Yokohama" report was released, presenting many measures for its implementation.

All the Ports need to "shed the bureaucratic and organizational vestiges of the past and fundamentally transform ourselves to become more expeditionary, mobile, forward thinking, and more efficient than ever before .

Kolkata Port aims to enrich customer satisfaction through effective application of Internal Quality Management System, including process for continual improvement of the system and assurance of conformity to customer requirement and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

The objectives in quality improvement...