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1. How do I find equity investors? Where do I start my search? What are my options?

There are several ways you can find equity investors. One way to find an equity investor would be to leverage a strong banking private or investment management referral on behalf of the proposed equity investor. You can find equity investors through EBAN (European Business Angels Network). You can start your search by visiting or Both of these websites give a lot of useful information about equity investors and funding for small businesses. With equity financing you have 1 of three options:

Option 1: Receive a Cash Refund of Your Equity

You may request a cash refund of your equity in the Plan. Your request must be made in writing to the Plan administration. Your request must be dated, signed and include your social insurance number.

Option 2: Transfer your Equity to another Pension Plan

If you become employed with a new employer that has a registered pension plan, you may be able to transfer your equity to that Plan.

If your new employer has a reciprocal agreement with the Capital Pension Plan, the employer required contributions will be transferred to the new pension plan as well.

To be eligible to transfer under a reciprocal agreement, you must meet ALL of the requirements for the Capital Pension Plan.

The equity becomes locked-in once it is transferred to the new pension plan. You are no longer eligible to receive a cash refund of the equity.

The Administrator of your new employer's pension plan can inform you if a reciprocal agreement with the Capital Pension Plan exists. If you would like more information regarding this option, contact the Capital Pension Plan directly or you can visit

Option 3: Leave your Equity with the...