Business Communication Recommendations.

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The dictionary defines communication as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs or behaviors. Therefore, the basic components of communication are the sender, the message, and the receiver. The sender transmits the message; the message triggers a response from the receiver; the receiver notices and attaches some meaning to the message. For the message to be transmitted there has be some channel (often called medium), which is the method used to deliver the message. Additionally a code system is necessary; both the sender and the receiver must know the codes used. Noise is another very important factor that affects communication; it refers to anything that interferes -negatively- with the exchange of the message. We could call that "Barriers to Communication".

Communication plays an important part in the success or failure in any company. For a company to succeed, the proper communication tools and processes must be present and used appropriately.

There are many methods of communication and they can be broken into verbal and non-verbal categories. Verbal methods of communication include face-to-face, telephone and video conferencing. Non-verbal methods are written (memos, email, faxes) and gestures or body language. The Canbide facilities in Oregon are experiencing problems with production and many of these issues are directly related to communication gaps. To ensure that these facilities can operate at their maximum capability, these communication problems must be addressed and proper action taken.

Summary of Findings and Recommendations for Communications at Canbide's Oregon Facilities

Summary of Findings

Canbide has three facilities in Oregon. The T facility manufactures toner cartridges, the P facility manufactures PC printers and the S facility manufactures stamped metal parts, injection molded plastic parts and some assemblies for the T and P facilities. The T and P facilities are located...