Business Law Analysis: Carriage of goods by sea.

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The subject we will talk about in our paper has titled: Carriage of goods by sea. More specifically we will make a reference in the history of sea transportation from the ancient Phoenicians and Greeks to great major shipping powers like US, referring also the kinds of goods transported. Furthermore, we will mention some laws concerning the carriage of goods by sea, what kind of documents ( bill of landing, commercial invoice etc.) are being used for proper transportation, and the types of vessels necessary for this kind of transportation.

Moreover, we will make a brief reference to some of the most important ports in the world for shipping transportation, the concept of risk concerning the transportation with various transportation means, and what are the obligations of the seller and buyer concerning the shipping documents.

After that we will present some statistical data as it concerns the load and unload of some goods from and for the port of Thessaloniki, and the most important exports to the countries of the European Union.

Finally, as a general conclusion we will mention our personal opinion about the future of the carriage of goods by sea, based of course to the data mentioned in our paper.


The history of the shipping transportation begins with the activities of the Phoenicians, concerning the transportation of goods in the Mediterranean, and it continued with the shipping transportation activities of the ancient Greeks and Romans, who were the great shipping powers of that era through the middle ages. Around the period of 1300 and 1500, the Venetian played an important role with the own of a huge merchant fleet that served the interests of the merchants traders and the city-state exclusively. In the year of 1600 until 1650 the Dutch play a crucial role in...