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Business Plan Sample (3days entre-fair festival)

Introductory Page




________________________________________________________________________Co-owners: Amern Rentido and Eireen Reed

Description of Business:

The Sweet Delights store is selling varieties of desserts like cassava cakes, homemade Choco cupcakes, chips and the main product which is mango float. It also sells drinks to be partnered with these desserts. The owners want to refresh and cool the summer of students in the Entre Fair for coming up in this idea.


The budget will be taken from each co-owner which is Php 200 totaling to Php 1000. The ingredients and fare to buy them will be taken from there. The income and profit will be counted after a day of selling and be taken care of the treasurer of the group then list and account them for security.

Executive Summary

The business concept will be simple because it will be open for two and a half days, the buy and sell and making some products would be applied.

After selling the bought and made products, we will buy and made them again but only for the saleable ones. This is a chronically repeated from the end of the day to the ending event to be able to keep up on our merchandise inventory to sell them to our satisfy customer. For the unsalable products we will do our best to roam them around the campus until someone buys them. This was the technique method we adapted to use in order to sell out our products and boost sales to our potential customers. By adapting this style we were not limit to the size of the business but manage to expand customer service inside the campus. We used this method only as optional when we see the sales are...