Business Proposal Project and Macroeconomic Policy and Implications

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University of PhoenixEconomics in Health CareBusiness Proposal Project and Macroeconomic Policy and ImplicationsIn recent weeks the administration along with the Board of Directors voted to expand the holdings. After viewing several localities and considering a multitude of business ideas, the decision was made to invest in an urgent care center. The locality was selected when discussions turned to the International market. Foreign investment was one of the requirements. Several of the doctors have spent time in Italy, had developed a fondness for the city of Genoa.

A closer look at the pros and cons of doing business in a foreign country brought about a desire to build a medical urgent care center and move forward with the plans for expansion of holdings. As reported by the web page on Italian-American citizenship, Italy has an affordable health care system and a high standard of medical assistance. Italian doctors are well trained and very passionate about their profession, and the private hospitals are comparable with any throughout the world.

The National Health System of Italy, called the Servizio Sanitarioi Nazioanale (SSN), (Italian American Citizenship, 2009) offers inexpensive health care to all European citizens. The center administration feels is a good fit for this type of market.

Cost to Patients and ReimbursementItaly stands with regard to current health care charges in order to anticipate what price to relate to urgent care services. Urgent care is not common for private facilities in Italy and is usually offered at public health care locations (United States Diplomatic Mission to Italy, 2007).

In order to determine how reimbursement will be obtained it is important to look at the both the National Health System (NHS), private insurance, and private pay. The urgent care center will be required to undergo credentialing of staff in order to become eligible...