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The final project will keep student records stored and organized. It is a simple, easy to use program that keeps students organized by their grade point average.

It will ask the user what is the maximum size that the database should have, and depending on what the user needs he or she should put the desired number. When the size of the database is chosen it will stay the same. After you have created the memory space an insert function is implemented. With this the program will let the user put all the needed information in order. The program will ask the user for information such as: Social security numbers, first and last names GPR, balance, credit hours, etc. When the user needs to see the information of a student, using a retrieve function he or she can select any student just by entering the student's social security number. The program can add or delete any student from it database. When the user saves the information, it is saved automatically by the program to a designated file. The program will also be able to put all of the students in order by their social security number. The sort function permits the user to organize and save the students also by balance and save it to a specific file. Another important thing is that the program will also be able to show you all the records already stored.

This is a rough idea of what will be basically our final project.