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February 16, 2009The skilled authors in team D have researched the opportunity to go into business. We will review all of our strengths and weaknesses and try to strategize on what type of consulting firm best fits our qualities. Team members are S C, T P and C T and will review the experience and education that are necessary to build up the management team. Things that will be obtained are a synopsis of team skills, three types of consulting firms, a statement of identified skills, and plans to obtain a matrix of abilities and qualifications for team members.

Team Skills Summary and AnalysisThe individuals who will develop this organization are comprised of dynamic talent and energy, striving to succeed with knowledge and a sense of pride. Each corporate officer has obtained or is striving for a college degree in Criminal Justice, demonstrating discipline and motivation. Within experiential categories; which are characterized by skills and strengths, this team brings together qualities that complement and build on those of other members.

The skills encompass management level proficiency within accounting, human resources, and administration and information technology.

Strengths are centered on personal relations within human resources and organizational competence. These skills and strengths will combine well to develop a consulting firm that deals with personnel recruitment for placement into corporations on a temporary and a permanent basis. Two other types of consulting firms that compliments the team members are Private Investigation and Bank fraud. All three types of consulting organizations are comprised of individual strengths and weaknesses coupled with education and job experience.

Skills MatrixTeam MembersSTCSkillsManagement ExperienceXXXDeveloping Policies & ProceduresXXMicrosoft Word-ProficientXXXMicrosoft Excel- ProficientXXAnalyzing DataXXCustomer Satisfaction ExperienceXXXMathematical ProficientUnderstanding Business InsuranceX10 Key ProficientXXXType 50+ WPMXXXSelf MotivatorXXXReliableXXXTimelyXXXCustomer OrientedXXXMicrosoft Power Point-ProficientXXXTeam Building SkillsXXXDetail OrientedXCommunication Skills-ProficientXXXResearch SkillsXXXAnalysis of Business SpecialtiesThe name of the consulting firm is S.C.T.