Campfire Story #3

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"Fear of being buried Alive"

Jacob Mcneeb was always terrified of being buried alive. At night he would wake up in a cold sweat from a nightmare, scaring his wife, Lizzy, to death. Jacob was so terrified that he had a mausoleum built with a phone inside so if he were buried alive he would be able to call his wife and let her know.

Jacob was greatly relieved by the phone and no longer had nightmares. One day, though, Jacob died and his wife had his coffin put in the mausoleum just as he wanted.

Lizzy grieved over Jacob but she had no second thoughts about the telephone. One day her daughter called her and received a busy signal. That was odd, since her mother often didn't get phone calls. So she jumped into the car and drove to her mother's house. When she arrived she received a horrifying vision.

Her mother was on the floor dead with the phone in her hand. She had died from shock.

Lizzy's coffin was to be put beside her husband's. When her daughter and family entered the mausoleum they were shocked. The phone was off the hook and in Jacob's coffin!