Canada and World War One.

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Chapter Seven: Canada and World War 1.

1. a) The name of Canada's wartime prime minister was Robert Borden.

b) Canada became involved in WW1 when Britain declared war on Germany. Being part of the British Empire, Canada was automatically at war with Germany.

c) When the news of the war reached Canada everyone was in the streets cheering, and waving their hats in the air. Most Canadians expected the war to be short and to have a sweet victory; so many Canadians joined the army.

d) The war cause the lives of 60 000 Canadians and injured 250 000. In a population of only 8 million people, Canadians had the most death per capita.

e) During WW, many new technologies were invented for mass destruction and killing. Some of these included mustard and chlorine gas, tanks, submarines, airplanes, and machine guns.

f) The war matured Canada in a way that no other event could.

When it entered the war, Canada was part of the British Empire; when the war was over, Canada had a national identity.

2. a) The four main causes for war are:

Alliances- agreements or treaties between two or more nations to cooperate for specific purposes

Militarism- the policy of continually building up armaments and armed forces or of threatening armed aggression against armies

Imperialism- one nation's extension of it's authority over other lands by political, economic, or military means

Nationalism- devotion to the interests of a nation, sometimes putting the interest of the nation above everything else.

b) The event that sparked the start of WW1 was the assassination of the Archduke of Austro-Hungary and his wife in Serbia. This led to Austro-Hungary to declare war on Serbia, in which the whole world got dragged into.

3. a) When the call to...