Canadian Business Investment,- investing in an overseas country ( Canada ) for business expansion

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Canadian Business Investment



SUBJECT: International Business Expansion




Good morning ladies and gentlemen, and members on the panel.

Over the last decade, technology has improved immensely, making the world a very small place which continues getting smaller each day. With today's satellite communication and cheaper and faster travel methods, businesses start to think globally in the way they operate and market their services.

It is well known in business relations that in order for a business to survive it must grow. For this growth to be applicable, J.T Promotions must set their sights on international expansion to find the best prospective country for it's needs.

Diagram 1

As expanding to another country for the first time is certainly a challenge and a risk, Canada is open for business and welcomes foreign investment and business immigrants with open arms.

Canada is a favoured choice, because of its similarities in Language and customs, religions etc.

to Australia.

Language is an important factor, it would make it considerably difficult to communicate in a foreign country with no understanding of their language, especially while trying to set up a profitable business.

Because 23.2% of Canadians speak French, and the rest speak English (that's more than a third of the population) there's no need for doubt. And if employers wish to communicate or negotiate with French linguist based, they will find pools of experienced workers who also offer fluency in foreign languages, knowledge of international cultures and business practices.

Educated and Skilled Work Force

The cost-effectiveness of the Canadian work force becomes especially apparent in

the high level of skills and education of the workers.

Canada leads the G-7

countries in advanced education, with about two-thirds of its 20 to 24-year-olds

enrolled in post-secondary education.

Canada's 67 universities...