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EXECUTIVE SUMMARYCanadian tire retail has already established its name as successful and stable retail company of Canada. So far it has achieved good response towards its strategy of relating closely to emotional response of being Canadian brand. But since businesses are getting more and more competitive these days, one can't survive or depend on single strategy. They need to bring innovation and differentiation into their structure and product categories. Customers are getting more and more price sensitive and have restricted time limits to spend on selection of products. Based on this they need to focus on one stop shopping trend of the market. Now days, companies are focusing more on customer because they are the one who makes a company and breaks a company. So, Canadian tires needs to adapt a customer focused strategy to sustain for long run. Canadian tire needs to understand this and act upon it as quickly as they could to survive towards the competitors like Wal-Mart and superstore.

Our marketing plan will guide the CEO in strategic and tactic decision making. We have looked into various categories of marketing plan like price, place, product and promotion. Finally we came up with recommendations that would help Canadian tire to capture new segment of customers and increase its market share. The conclusion of marketing plan will broadly explain the recommendations based on combined research on each category of marketing plan.

SITUATION ANALYSISThe Cooperative EnvironmentSuppliers and resellers allocation: PenetrationUnder Canadian Tire's Supplier Code of Business Conduct, Canadian Tire and Uni-Select stroke supply deal in December, 2007. With the support of Uni-Select, Canadian Tire can maintain its sales of automotive and household goods to satisfy its customers. [1]DiversificationAs reported on Oct 28, 2008, Canadian Tire took groceries for a test ride. It's a kind of market segmentation. But related...