Car Crash

Essay by gemini5000 June 2005

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The one night that I thought my life would end. It all started one night on a cold New York winter a few years ago. It was cold out and I could barely feel my fingers from the cold breeze that night. I was going to stay in for the night but a couple of friends deciding on going out. So I joined my friends on going out that cold and dark night. We were all dressed warm with are jackets on and are ski hats that kept are ears warm. At first I was hesitant on going out, because of the cold it must have been 15 degrees out that night. We deciding on going to a friends house that night but he lived about an hour away. That is a long drive especially in the cold and the roads were icy that night. We decided on picking up some beer so we had something to drink at are friends house.

We picked up the beer and we were off. As it got later it got much colder, we couldn't feel our toes even in the warm car. But that did not stop us. As we were driving I noticed the roads were a little slippery. I did not say anything I don't know why I guess I was looking forward to getting to my friend's house that it slipped my mind. We drove about 30 minutes down the road which felt like an hour cause of the cold and darkness. While we were at this light we were playing with the radio when this big light came at us with such speed. We had no time to do anything so we tensed up and waited for that light to come and hit us. All I remember was...