Be Careful What You Pray For

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BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR" DRAMATIC/ MUSICAL PRESENTATION CHARACTERS IN PLAY MR STUART - FATHER MRS STUART - MOTHER BOBBY - RECORD PRODUCER TREY - FRIEND OF BOBBY SAMANTHA - DAUGHTER MOTHER LUCILLE - GRANDMA MOTHER RUTH, CASEY - FRIENDS OF MOTHER LUCILLE The significance of the title is very true to the statement itself, "Be careful what you pray for." Saying this and believing there is a Supreme Being more powerful than we, then prayer is believed to be the answer when all else fails.

Taking prayer seriously and knowing what you are praying for can result in everything you what through prayer.

The story is about a seventeen-year-old gospel singer name Samantha Stuart. She is on a quest to find love and a better life outside of the Christian upbringing. She meets a high profile record producer who is twenty-nine years old name Bobby.

Of course he offers her everything she could ever what or need.

Samantha falls for this charmer and abandons her family, friends and God. She embarks on a path of destruction that would leave her abused and scared.

A great advertiser, promoter of Marvelous entertainment, Bill Reid out of California, promoted this musical dissemination. The play contains two acts with five scenes in each. The cultural settings for this play are based around the nuclear black family. And the closeness and belief in God that holds a family, culture and generations together.

The relationship I saw between this development and our culture was in comparison to the slavery era, where the only things they had to rely on was themselves and God.

These musicals gave birth to other forms of acting, such as dramatic, comedy, musicals, street plays, high school dramatics and Broadway plays. I believe this musical was not just geared toward Blacks alone but to anyone who had a belief in God and that he does answer prayers.