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Portfolio objective Having a car in college is a valuable commodity. It allows you to be independent and not to be a burden on your friends. Its saves you from constantly having to hear lame excuses as to why your friend can't take you here or there. Having your own car gives you a greater sense of power because you know longer have to go to the drivers destination, now you go to your own.

This portfolio is a plan that was created by Quentin Rhodes in order for him to achieve the car of his choice, which is a Ford Explorer or a Ford Mustang. You might be saying to yourself that those cars are a pretty big step from a broken up Hyundai Excel. Well in all actuality it is a big step but you have to realize this is the opportune time for me to purchase a car.

Currently I have know bills that I am required to pay, but upon graduating from Xavier I will be responsible for paying back loans and as well rent for a apartment (I can't live at home).

I have done research and have been able to find a 2000 Ford mustang with only 6,000 mile recorded on the engine for a remarkable price of 16,000 dollars with liscense and tax included. I know, I know that this is not a small amount of money, and you might be saying to yourself what if the car needs repair? no problem I have that covered, actually the manufactures warranty has that covered with its 3-year bumper to bumper warranty, which also backed up by a 5- year 50/50 warranty. Another question that might pop in your head naturally is what about gas? Being that the ford mustang is pretty good on gas with 22 miles to the gallon on the road and 27 on the highway.

16,000 dollars by no means is a small amount of money but you must consider it as an investment, that will hopefully have a net output of money as well. With the car I will be able to get a job, which I been unable to achieve because of the limitations of my feet. Now even though I am constantly referring to the ford mustang I am still on the prowl for a ford explorer but the mustang seems to be more cost effective. I hope upon completion of the portfolio you not only realize that this is a good investment but you as well begin to get as excited as me, upon entering into this joint venture.

Sincerely, hold up man