Case Study for Student Analysis

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Case Study for Student Analysis

Carl Robinson is the new campus recruiter for ABC, Inc. He takes us through his experience at work that was becoming very hectic and frustrating due to number of reasons such as unavailability of the training room, missing important newly hired employees information as well as shortage of orientation manuals. All of this is making Carl extremely frustrated. In this paper, we will analyze possible reasons for such shortcomings in addition to suggesting possible solutions.

The Problem

Carl Robinson has successfully recruited several new hires for ABC, Inc. This is his first recruitment effort given that he has been working for the company for only six months. During his first attempt, he hired fifteen new workers to work for the operations supervisor, Monica Carrolls. He plans to give new employee orientation on June 15, so that they could start to work beginning the month of July.

Monica contacted Carl about training schedule, orientation, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and number of other issues on May 15th. Carl assured her that everything would be arranged in a timely manner. Carl comes back in office after Memorial Day weekend and starts to work on the project in order to facilitate all that Monica had asked for. To his surprise, he finds that some of the trainees did not have their applications completed and transcripts in their files. None of the trainees had been sent to clinic for mandatory drug test. He, then, searches for orientation manuals and finds only three copies with several pages missing from each. In addition, training room had been reserved by Joe for computer training seminar for new database software implementation; thus was not available. He comes back to his office extremely frustrated and puts his head down on the table thinking...