Causes Of The Terror

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Causes of the Terror Because of the hatred and militant ideas of a mutant, extremist branch of the Islamic religion and their unbridled anger against the United States for their intervention in Middle Eastern affairs, coupled with the apparent inability of the various security forces within this country to effectively monitor the scope and infiltration of this terrorist organization, atrocious acts occurred on September 11, 2001, causing the deaths of thousands of innocent victims on American soil. In the past, this same organization, Al-Quaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, a wealthy Saudi- Arabian, and now the main suspect in this tragedy, have rationalized their murderous acts against Americans in retaliation for this interference and dominance in the Arab world.

The actions the American nation have taken in the Middle East so strongly triggered the anger of these terrorists that the magnitude of their destruction was beyond belief and struck at the essence of the superpower - financial and military.

While it is possible to point fingers at the United States for interference in Mid-Eastern affairs, those who claim the Americans are anti- Arab should observe the many instances in which they have, in fact, given aid to Arabic nations. What must be understood is that Islamic extremists think similarly to racist groups in North America...... as a result of their extreme hatred of other races, groups such as the Ku Klux Klan will regard anyone who does not fit within their narrow criteria as an enemy, and, thus, inferior. For example, when a klansman sees a black family move into a neighborhood or an area in which Caucasians comprise the demographics, this is viewed as intolerable. This type of intense hatred distorts ones' perceptions, and a good leader can unify these people, manipulating their minds to use violent action...