Changes and new traditions in the modern American Family

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Families today in America are changing by the year. New traditions and values are made everyday and each family has their own way in expressing themselves. Throughout the decades familes have changed drastically and therefore new morals and values have been made. There are many similarities and differences on how families have evolved during the decades. There are also many views and perspectives that one can take on why there was an evolutionary change in the family structure.

First of all, families have changed very much over the years and many aspects do not remain the same today. Although there have been changes there are still many similarities that can been seen in the ideal nuclear familiy. Families still have a loving bond toward one another and help eachother out during hard times. This is a value that is mandatory for a family to function correctly and will most likey always stay in the family structure for many years to come.

This has been the same for many many years and is still the same even today. Familes also still have a set of rules in the house hold and there are still consequences if these are to be broken. It was like this years ago and remains the same even today. Families then and today traditionally support other family members to be successful and to succeed in whatever they are doing. They also try their best to help eachother out the best that they can and give them advice in hard situations.

Next, there are many obvious differences that can be seen between familes today and familes years ago that shows an evolutionary change in the family structure of modern society. Recent families have seemed to grow apart and have become less affectionate to one another verus families from...