Channels of marketing

Essay by BWMP July 2005

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Once you have selected and developed a unique product or business idea, correctly positioned and targeted it to buyers, and developed your packaging and pricing, the selection of distribution channels and sales representation is key to successful marketing. It's fairly easy to change many of your marketing tactics and strategies on a periodic basis; pricing, packaging, and product mix are among these flexible choices. However, distribution and sales decisions, once made, are much more difficult to change. And distribution affects the selection and utilization of all other marketing tools. There is a wide variety of possible distribution channels, including: Retail Outlets owned by your company or by an independent merchant or chain. Wholesale Outlets of your own or those of independent distributors or brokers, Sales Force compensated by salary, commission, or both, Direct mail via your own catalog or flyers, Telemarketing on your own or through a contract firm, Cyber Marketing, surfing the newest frontier, and TV and Cable direct marketing and home shopping channels.

Manufacturers must be able to sell their goods to customers in order to make the real aim of a business profit. This is achieved by sending their goods through various channels of distribution. This paper will discuss the article written by Ken Rolnicki titled "Managing channels of distribution".

Rolnicki starts the article by describing channels of distribution as "one of the hottest areas in marketing and sales today". According to Rolnicki managing channels of distribution supplies a much needed source of knowledge and expertise that professionals can rely on. Based on case studies and real life experience, the article explains the complexities of managing multiple channels of distributors, dealers, manufacturers, and private labels. In the process, Rolnicki explores both macro and micro business influences that affect channel effectiveness. Special attention is paid to...