Characteristics of High Performance Team

Essay by tjantik August 2006

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"Entelechy reviewed over 50 studies on high performance teams and compiled a list of high performance team characteristics. Characteristics are grouped into eight categories as indicated below."

1. Participative Leadership

2. Responsive

3. Aligned on Purpose

4. Communicative

5. Task Focused

6. Problem Solving

7. Shared Responsibility

8. Innovative

(Traut, Retrieved from web)

"High Performance teams are created with a mission or purpose in mind." (Bodwell, Retrieved from web)

When forming team or group, communication is necessary to share a mission and to understand each other's role in group. Without communication, group cannot be functional.

Therefore, groups develop their norms, which are guides for team behavior and decision making (Bodwell, Retrieved from web) through communication.

"High Performance Teams are also empowered. Teams are motivated by the challenge of achieving dramatic results within a short time-frame." (Bodwell, Retrieved from web)

Team assignment of University of Phoenix is effective way to build up high performance team because each team is empowered by instructor, and each team member gets assigned and empowered in turn to complete the task.

"Team members are expected to learn as they work together." (Bodwell, Retrieved from Web) As week goes by, this student finds herself comfortably working together with her team member and enjoys accomplishment. This is called synergic effect.

"When synergy occurs, groups accomplish more than the total of their members' individual capabilities. Group synergy is necessary for organizations to become competitive and achieve long-term high performance in today's dynamic times." (Schermerhorn, Hunt & Osborn, 2005, P195)

Not only sharing a mission together, sharing satisfaction and knowledge, sharing emotional support are also important for team to be high performance.

At the first stage of team forming, teams experience a shortage of resources even though teams communicate well. This should be understood and expected.

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