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Lord of the Flies

Ralph: His body described as "golden." It is Ralph who establishes organized sort of government for the group in order for them to be rescued, to maintain peace and keep order. Ralph's idea of maintaining a signal fire to get passing ships or plain's attention and building the shelters and holding assemblies fall apart as most all of the boys join Jack's 'tribe. Ralph is the only boy who is not a hunter but is only successful leader out of all the boys.

Jack: Jack, the lead singer in the school choir and Ralph's chief nemesis, holds a certain power over the other choirboys. The only time when he showed sympathy was when Simon faints. It is Jack who leads the boys' to turn to savage. He always brought with him a knife and gradually became more and more obsessed with hunting and killing the pigs on the island.

It is these behaviors which later lead to the murders of Simon, Piggy and nearly that of Ralph if grown-ups had not come to the boys' rescue at the very last moment.

Piggy: He is considered to be the intelligent one of the group. He is overweight which lead to him getting the nickname 'Piggy.' He wears glasses which without he cannot see. He initially discovers the conch and suggests that Ralph use it to call everyone. He is always left to babysit the littluns when the boys go off on adventures because he is told by Ralph that he "isn't good for this sort of thing." Obviously made fun of in school, he often feels left out early on in the story. But towards the end he and Ralph become good friends. His glasses are crucial to the boys' survival; both for keeping the signal fire...