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One cool evening after supper a beautiful bichon named Chelsea went for a long walk with her owner, the lovely Ms. Linda Cook. They went to the park. While walking in the park a lottery ticket got tangled on Chelsea’s beautiful white fur. That same evening on the 10o’clock news they said the lotto numbers of the day. To Chelsea’s and Linda’s surprise the lottery ticket that got tangled in the fur was the winning ticket. “You lucky dog” said Linda, “You won the Lotto.

Chelsea and Linda decide to go claim their prize. Chelsea had become a celebrity. She was the first dog in the United States to win the loot. Since Chelsea gets car sick, they traveled by train to Tallahassee. The train company was so excited that they had a celebrity on board that Chelsea and Linda traveled first class with all the luxuries. When they got to Tallahassee all the news cameras were waiting for the superstar.

Chelsea was greeted by Governor Charlie Christ. Mr. Christ asked Linda, “How is Chelsea going to spend all that money?” Lind replied, “Chelsea wants to donate some of her money to the Animal Shelters in the United States; the rest is going to be spent traveling around the beautiful United States”.

Chelsea and Linda continued their trip by train. They went to Georgia- the peach state, then to the Carolina’s for some skiing. After that they went to Pennsylvania to the Hershey Factory, then to New York City. At New York people decide to throw Chelsea a Ticker Tape Parade. She had her won float with dog biscuits everywhere. She was so famous Linda had to get her agent. She choose One Republic’s agent. Chelsea also did TV commercials, magazine covers, went on talk shows and even starred...