Child Poverty

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Poverty is a serious issue jeopardizing our economy and society

While poverty is characterised as a state of 'not having enough to meet our daily needs'

A household is considered poor if its income resources fall below a certain minimum

threshold called the poverty line.

In 2006/07, the poverty line is estimated at Rs 3,821,

In the budget speech 2013, the Minister of FINANCE

What is also heart wrenching is that children from poor families are having to engage in child labour.

Girls aged ten or even younger have been found in prostitution. The prevalence of child labour may be fairly low but children are still involved in agricultural activities, street vending and domestic service.

Child abandonment continues to be a major problem in Mauritius. Poverty and change in partners are cited as the main reasons. Over recent years, the number of street children has increased across the island. Street children are highly vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse, neglect and violence.

Child trafficking is also taking place. Even though Mauritius has signed and ratified the international convention of the Rights of the child, poor children's rights are trampled upon

The setting up of the Ministry of Integration and the Ombudsperson for children are not enough

judicious use of resources are required to protect children's rights and get them out of poverty.

When one thinks of the enormous sums of money spent to produce the new ID cards that many people do not really want because of invasion of their privacy, one cannot prevent oneself from asking the question whether this money couldn't be more...