Children Who Kill Should Be Tried As Adults

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen fellow opposition, we as the negative believe that children who kill are children still! My name is______, I am the first speaker for the negative side and will be discussing the legal and statistical issues within the debate, these include; Ø How society considers you to be an adult at 18 Ø Understanding of children and their need for rehabilitation Our second speak ____ will talk about children's rights and Physical issues within this topic which include Ø The development of brain Ø Background to children who kill Ø And children's rights Before I put my case forward I would like to point out a few misconceptions made by the affirmative side Ladies and gentlemen in today's society we are considered to be adults at the age of 18. We are allowed to smoke, drive (on our own), drink, gamble, even view pornography. We are viewed upon as individuals or adults, who are no longer dependent on our parents or guardians in anyway.

By saying that we should trial children as adults is setting a distinct double standard, why should we have 2 laws? It's Implying that children are capable of understanding the law in full, knowing wrong from right to the degree in which an adult does, yet not being able to tell when they have gambled enough, or understand how to drive a car is just ridiculous. Surly if we change the law, and trial children as adults when they kill, these laws too much be changed.

Children are frequently unable to grasp the consequences of their actions. A child who kills very probably does not recognize the finality of death and so does not fully appreciate what he or she is doing when he or she takes a life. But having said...