Chinese government has killed more than the Nazis- How one day Google and France will have to answer to Chinese liberated from communism.

Essay by Keir February 2006

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According to today's New York Times, newspapers in China have been closed with reporters and editors jailed and even killed, like Wu Xianghu, a newspaper editor who died last week after being beaten by the fascist police. Gao Zhisheng, a lawyer who has defended hundreds of victims of torture here in China, said the Communist party was responsible for more deaths than the Nazis, but the West (as shown most recently by Google and Microsoft) will connive with such evil just to make a buck just like Bush's grandpa.

As he says, "When the Nazis slaughtered Jews, the outside world condemned them, but the Communist party has taken the lives of 80 million people, 13 times more than the death toll among the Jews, yet the world says nothing.'

He still lives in Beijing, where he is at risk from the fascist government. He says his phone is bugged, his 12-year-old daughter is followed to school and more than 30 agents monitor his every move.

Last month, his law firm's licence was revoked and last week he was warned he faces arrest. Ten days ago an unmarked car actually attempted to run him down.

Already one of the most prominent lawyers of his generation, Gao, 41 has taken a public stand - via the internet - in favour of the most oppressed groups in China: democracy campaigners, victims of religious persecution, mine accident widows and peasants who have had their land seized by the authorities: 'The Communist party has done too many evil and cruel things. So I must fight them.'

I hope when I return to the Chinese sewer that is Beijing to visit him in his office in his small flat in Chaoyang where so many come to him that the guards direct strangers to 'that lawyer'.