Citizen Kane: Lost Childhood

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Citizen Kane is one of the most famous movies ever made. The movie tells the

story of a child who inherited a fortune and was then taken away from his

surroundings and his parents to be raised by a banker by the name of Mr. Thatcher.

Kane becomes a very wealthy newspaper tycoon who holds on to material things to

make up for his loss of a childhood and lack of love from his mother. Kane may

have been a success as a publisher, but was a failure at life. The movie is mostly told

in flashbacks as police investigators track down people who knew Kane and try to

find out the meaning of his final word.

The movie opens up with the scene of a mansion, his mansion, Xanadu. This is

the enormous estate, off the coast of Florida, that Charles Foster Kane, one of the

world's wealthiest and most powerful men, who dies whispering the word

"Rosebud", built and filled with a large private zoo of exotic animals, a lake, a golf

course, and a tremendous amount of statues and art.

It was like one big giant

playground, every child's dream. It was as if he was trying to hold on to his

childhood. He did many other things all throughout his lifetime that portrayed how

he grasped on to his childhood. Kane used money to buy things he never had as a

child, such as Xanadu and all of it's pristine objects. He decided to run a newspaper

because he thought "it would be fun". To say that is almost childlike and doesn't

sound like a very mature thought process. This also demonstrates how he missed the

fun times before he was taken away from his mother.

In the beginning of the movie...