The City That I Love: Amsterdam

Essay by yulia_moranB, July 2007

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I have had the opportunity to visit Amsterdam two times and both times I knew that I wanted to go back there again. I love this city for many different reasons. First of all, Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. When you walk on the sidewalks you just can't stop admiring all of the beautiful houses and buildings. Windows and awnings in Amsterdam really intrigued me by how neat and remarkable they look, and it seemed like there were beautiful flowers in every window. Most of the houses are the same size and height, very narrow and tall. Also, they are all nicely painted and look pretty. Another thing that makes this city beautiful are the many canals that this city has. The tree lined canals and the narrow streets make this city appear to be more like a big village than a big city. One thing that you have to do is to take one of the canal ferry tours, this gives you a different vantage point of the many views from the water looking out at the city.

I had a lot of fun on one of the tour boats and I took a lot of pictures. Also, this city has a lot of nice parks and it seemed like they are everywhere. The parks have a lot of nice lakes with ducks swimming in them. I remember a lot of people riding their bikes everywhere in this city and in the park you can see many families ridding their bikes together. I found that riding bicycles is a very interesting, different, fun, and healthy way of transportation. Of course I can't forget those lovely tulips that were being sold everywhere. When you are at the flower market you forget for a moment where you are because all...