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Civil Engineering Civil engineering is a great career, with many appealing aspects. First of all, civil engineering is a very broad career. It has a very wide range of job possibilities. This is great because I am not exactly sure which field I want to go into. Also, civil engineering is a field that comes with a great number of employment opportunities. It is great knowing that when I get my degree, it will be easy to find a good job. And finally, civil engineers receive fairly high salaries.

Civil engineers do a number of jobs. Some of these jobs include designing and supervising the construction of roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, water supply systems, and sewage systems (Civil). Civil engineers also deal with the geo-technical aspects of building things. This is making sure the ground under a possible building site is safe. I spoke to the treasurer for the ASCE, April Parpel.

She chose to get a civil engineering degree because she is interested in earthquakes, and wants to work for a company that deals with the geo-technical field of civil engineering (Parpel). Contrary to April I am interested in the way bridges are designed and built. I'm not 100% sure, but I am probably going to work on bridges.

In 1998, there were over 195,000 civil engineers employed in the United States alone. These workers were employed by a number of different sources. Some of these sources include private firms, the federal, state, and local governments, the construction industry, the transportation industry, and the manufacturing industry (Civil). The job outlook is also expected to rise faster than the average for all occupations during the next 8 years. Shayna Sobol states in her article "Job Prospects and Recruiter Expectations For Civil Engineering Grads Build Momentum", "My overall...