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I don't believe there should ever be a reason to condone or allow human "reproductive"

cloning. (I am for therapeutic cloning though). Why? Because from what I have read,

there seems to be no reason for it. We already have too many human beings on earth

and we are multiplying very fast with limited resources on earth to sustain us. Not only

that, imagine the horrors when only a certain race or group of people were cloned and

for some reason, others were not. The ethical dilemma of reproductive cloning is too

great, and seems to go against the natural order and structure of life as we know it.

Furthermore, politics always becomes part of such issues (as it already is) and when that

happens, good and bad decisions will be made that will adversely affect the whole human

race. That is what is so scary about this question. That it will eventually effect all people

everywhere, whether they opted in for it or were vehemently against it.

As so many of you have already posted good thoughts on this issue I would only like to

add some clarifying points taken off the excellent Economist website. This is because it

gives such a clear,concise picture about what we are talking about. I felt I had to look

this up since I was not sure about what "cloning" really means. Now I know more.

Feb 16th 2004


"Human cloning has been made feasible by a procedure that involves taking an egg from

a donor and replacing its nucleus with a cell containing the DNA of the creature to be

cloned. The resulting embryo is then placed in a surrogate mother. "Reproductive

cloning" as this is known, would allow some infertile couples to have children genetically

related to themselves--and, in...