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6 November 2013

Comment Winston Churchill

Dropping linseed cakes which were infected with anthrax on the German soil was one of Winston's ideas on a planned catastrophic occurrence to happen to Germany's population (Rosenberg, 20). Winston's thought would have led to death of many millions due to starvation as it was supposedly aimed at wiping out the herds of cattle in the country. High levels of discussions were held and led to top secret order from the Northern America to which half a million anthrax bombs were to be manufactured for use. Winston's idea of usage of anthrax whose strain was of volume 14578 turned out to be very lethal and also highly virulent (Rosenberg, 23). From his actions it was witnessed that many sheep's died in a more rapidly manner and it ended up polluting the land for many decades, making the vast lands of Germany unsuitable for human habitation.

More alarming was their inability to decontaminate Gruinard Island. Once the anthrax spores were there, they were impossible to remove (Rosenberg, 24). His change of tack to use of poison gas instead when he wrote to his Chiefs of Staff and he said that he needed a cold-blooded calculation made after of how it would pay us to use poison gas, and later on approved anthrax to be used for an initial stockpile of 500,000 anthrax bombs. As Rosenberg put it, Winston was mostly driven by the influential money from American and Jewish sources and even before he was made the prime minister he consistently agitated against Germany in the articles he used to write and in his book Step by Step he suggested that the German Reich were the ones who intentionally started the world war and that it was...