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Ernest Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" is about a man and a woman are talking to each other about the man's leg, which is rotting away from gangrene.

Harry, a journalist and his wife, Helen, who are in safari in Africa, their truck get burned, which leads Harry to get infection of gangrene in his right leg and suffers pain a lot and blames himself for not applying iodine to the wound. Harry decides to travel in a rescue plane for treatment, while waiting for the plane, he spends his time drinking and insulting Helen whom he married because of her money as he refers to her by "bloody money".

However, Helen is a loyal and loving woman who tries to make him more comfortable and make him believe that he will survive, but he seems to be enjoying the black humor of the vultures that are waiting for him to die.

Moreover, Harry was surviving death in order to complete what he wants since he dies before starting to write what he would have liked to write, but his survival ends up by being rude and angry to his wife, that his comments includes the resentment of her money.