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Young Goodman Brown short story is about a hero who is a young man from Salem village who leaves his bride's faith and goes to forest for an evil and dangerous job in the middle of the night where he was shocked to see his neighbors and wife there performing rituals. He has to decide whether he will continue his journey or turn back and not learn the truth about himself and those around him, while traveling through the forest he meets his guide because his way wasn't clear to him.

However Goodman Brown's goal is to find out the truth about people.

This story is a reflection of man's conflict between good and evil as well as of the Puritan faith.

A reader might notice that Brown's life turns dark due to his loss of hope and that is because he discovered his community and his wife whom are portrayed as being pure as they indulges in sin in the forest

Goodman Brown's aspect is that he endures, has a goal, and has a guide, but he doesn't know the truth about his fellow townspeople and wants to learn the truth so badly.

However the forest is the place of dark realities, so it has to be evil and strange jungle as everyone knows.