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Communication is the process of creating or sharing meaning in informal conversation, group interaction, or public speaking. When we were assigning a group speech in our speech class I was a little intimidated. I do not like counting on other people for my grade. During this experience I learned how much I really couldn't count on anyone else. I didn't know anyone else in the class very well so I grouped up with some of the people sitting around me.

Problem-solving group settings are characterized by participants who come together for the specific purpose of solving a problem or arriving at a decision. Our group did not do this very well. We spent most of the time trying to pick a controversial issue that we felt strongly about. We are what you would call a Homogeneous group, which is a group in which members have a great deal in common.

Actually we had too much in common, we pretty much agreed on everything. So it was very hard for us to decide on a topic that we could debate. We finally decide on the legalization of marijuana.

Then we had to pick the side that we were on. I think that at this point in our group speech we were feeling some cognitive constraints. Which are constraints that occur when a group feels under pressure as a result of a difficult task, shortage of information, or limited time. We had spent so much time on picking a topic that we were running out of time to work on our speech. So we decide to kind of let everyone do there own things with the speech and then we would get together and practice.

So then I stared my research, which I did most of my research on the Internet, which...