Communication and Personality in Negotiation

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Communication and Personality in Negotiation

It is commonly understood the mind can recall particular events with more emotion than other events in life. The power of positive encouragement should not be soon forgotten when dealing with loved ones. A French author in the yearly 1500s named Francois Rabelais said, "Time, which wears down and diminishes all things, augments and increases good deeds, because a good turn liberally offered to a reasonable man grows continually through noble thought and memory." When a party is entering into negotiations, atmosphere is lightened and attitudes softened by the use of encouraging and thought filled words. A good word is strong in pulling down negativity within the negotiation. Later in the negotiation a "…good turn offered liberally…" the other party may remember fondly the kind word or positive natured comment; this may help to smooth future interactions. A recent negotiation brought this simple point to light and will be a useful lesson for many years to come.

Recently I entered a negotiation for a job change proposal. This resent event is truly clearer and still quiet full of emotion. The most interesting fact is, the negotiation is with a spouse of over 21 years, and the negotiation is for a job change within ABC Company to a new position with substantially less financial compensation. Unfortunately, the initial sticker shock of the change in wages was enough to sink the negotiation before it even left the harbor.

Last week I had the privilege of ABC asking if I am willing to join the management team at ABC Foodservice Distributor. I have prior management experience at a worldwide package delivery company, but the quick rise to power was accompanied by a lengthy stall and fiery crash; turns out brown just was not my color. After a major...