Company Ethics.

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A company has the perfect legitimacy in monitoring an employer in its business for several reasons. One of the reasons is that a business owner has a right to increase its resources by increasing productivity through his or her workers. Electronic monitoring can help can manage accomplish this goal by effectively evaluating employees for pay raises, promotions, discipline or termination. The employer or business owner can also provide the employee with proper feedback when noticing any lack of productivity so the workers can then improve their job performance. Monitoring employees can also reduce, or even eliminate, daily Web surfing that is not related to the job or work that needs to be accomplished, since bandwidth resources are then preserved. Employee monitoring and filtering can discourage excessive Internet use and save the cost of adding additional bandwidth, instead of clogging pipes with unnecessary traffic or video streaming. Another factor is creating fear by just having a sticker on every computer saying that all traffic and computer usage is being monitored.

Employees will now be discouraged of even thinking to do stupid things.

Another reason is that sexual harassment and a hostile work environment can be also reduced or even eliminated. Anticipating that they are being watched, employees will naturally reduce the use of any sexual, prejudicial, hateful, defamatory language at the work place. They will also try to be friendly to their coworkers so that the employer sees and notices the worker's friendliness, values and productivity. Inappropriate emails and the viewing of pornographic material can be also eliminated in the work place. Employees with low productivity who tend to be the creators of a hostile work environment, can be now easily fired, since proof of act the can be supplied. Employee monitoring is a way of filtering out the bad or...