Comparative Essay of Snowball and Napoleon of the "Animal Farm" by George Orwell.

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Imagine living in a harmonious world where discriminations against classes cease to exist and everyone works hard toward the common good. George Orwell delineates a farm run by animals who attempt to establish one such society in his novel, Animal Farm. In the beginning of this political satire, the animals stage a rebellion and successfully overthrow their human owners. Though they are liberated, two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon emerge and struggle to take control. In comparing and contrasting their personalities, reactions toward others and visions, we can examine how they each influences the social structure of Animal Farm after the Rebellion.

Snowball is a very active, open and outspoken boar whose eloquence often mesmerizes the crowd. During the Battle of the Cowshed, he exhibits his talents in military affairs as a commander, and displays courage when he fights fiercely in the frontline, attacking Jones even after wounded by gunshot.

While being aggressive and full of rebellion spirits, he's also very intelligent and hardworking. In fact, he is the best writer among the animals. Snowball often spends hours in the shed, studying methods to improve the farm. He is ambitious in fulfilling Old Major's teachings, of which he, Napoleon and Squealer organize into an exhaustive system of ideas called Animalism.

Snowball seems to be the more dominant leader from the start, as he is always the one to make announcements and conduct symbolic acts, such as painting the flag and writing out the Seven Commandments. Frequently gaining support of the majority with his speeches, Snowball also engages himself with orchestrating Animal Committees and education for the betterment of the animals. With his vibrant energy, he appears to interact with the animals more than Napoleon and yet because of this, he is considered to be shallower in character. Although both of...