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Now day's charities do operate like businesses

Charity is a teaching in many of the world's religions:






Many noticeable charitable organizations, such as:

The Salvation Army

Catholic Charities

Goodwill Industries

Charities began as social outreach and religious ministries in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Charities started as non-profitable organisations in the early days of their existence their soul aim were to raise/give money. People that worked for a charity worked for them as freelance employees. Their aim was to raise money and aid poor, ill and helpless people in the world but that concept has changed over the years but do The charity we give to devote a high enough proportion of its funds to the needy, very little charities make it very clear what proportion of contributions is spent on administration and fund-raising.

The issue here is that some individuals still believe that charities now days do not act like businesses and believe that they should act more like businesses, my argument is that they have started operating like businesses in the way they operate now days.

Businesses and charities are very similar these days'

Here are some of the major functions that relate to profitable functions:

Now day's charities have started to invest more in their industry then in the needy. In The early twentieth century large charitable organisations started to rise. Like businesses Charities started becoming professional and organized.

Charities like businesses market their product or services in order to attract customers; some charities like breast cancer are an example of marketing their products or services.

According to Thomas Hughes-Hallett, chief executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care, told the Public Administration Select Committee of MPs that The amount some large charities spend on advertising is a cause of "very...