Compare and Contrast: Rules of the NBA and WNBA

Essay by msballa June 2004

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The NBA and WNBA have both evolved into successful basketball

organizations. Both create large crowds and they also have

fulfilled interest in their markets.

Most rules and regulations in both organizations apply to each

other. For instance, foul, penalties, elbowing and fighting all

apply to each other. Free throw positions are the same. The ten

second rule which means that a player cannot have more than ten

seconds of continuous play on the back court. This also applies

for the dress code which means that while playing, players must

keeps their shirt tails tucked into their shorts, and no t-shirts

are allowed . They also cannot wear a commercial logos of any kind

and it only can be worn on their shoes.

Although both organizations rules are the same, they also differ

in many ways. For example, The NBA does not allow zone defenses.

No zone defenses means that every player must guard another

straight up.

The WNBA on the other hand allows many defenses on

the court, which actually makes the game more interesting and

adds a special effect to it. These defensive changes ends up

changing the offensive complexion of the game. The NBA players

do much more isolation because instead of facing the team in

zone, the player is facing just one player. The concept of the

game is just lost. The WNBA players have more screens, more

movements, and generally they play more team basketball. This

results in more organized plays and a more strategical games.

The WNBA also uses a closer three-point line. This turns the three

point shot into a regular jump shot. A hard 3-pointer makes the

NBA have more of an interior game and lets only the best 3-point

shooters take the shot consistently.

The NBA plays longer minutes...