Comparing Ghost Stories

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Introduction In this essay I will be comparing the differences and similarities between the stories written by H G Wells,' The Red Room' and "˜Farthing House, written by Susan hill. I intend to compare, character, setting, plot and language. I will be presenting some quotes from both stories.

These two ghost stories are set in a gothic and Victorian monuments. The main similarity is that both characters from the different stories are staying overnight in unfamiliar places. Also, at some stage of the stories they get frightened and come to face with their fears. One main difference is that the main character from Farthing House, called Mrs Flowers, wants to help the ghost but the narrator of the Red Room just wants to prove the ghost doesn't exist. In fact, we don't see any evidence that there is a ghost in "˜The Red Room'. Another main difference is Mrs Flowers' emotions change throughout the story; she is unsure how she feels at times, in comparison to the narrator of "˜The Red Room' who progresses from being arrogant ("it will take very tangible ghost to frighten me") to extreme fear ("my hands trembled").

What seemed odd but similar was that both stories included old people as minor characters; the three old people in "˜The Red Room' are frightening and disturbing in appearance ("a monster's shadow of him crouched upon the wall") but the minor character from farthing house are the kind of characters the narrator associates with happy memories ("I always loved her, she was such fun"). "˜The Red Room' was written in 1890's and "˜Farthing House' in 1990's, written 100 years apart, but many similarities as also differences.

Setting The Red Room The setting for The Red Room that was unusual ruined castle called Lorraine full of mystery and...