Comparing the United Kingdom and Brazil

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Britain and Brazil are two very different countries, though similar in many ways - the size, location and population affects a lot of the statistics and indicators that would show an MEDC or LEDC country. Over the following paragraphs I will expand upon this, evaluating each country in each of it's indicators and drawing to a conclusion at the end of each country.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom used to be the dominant maritime, industrial and commercial power in Europe - often competing with the USA for trading powers and maritime supremacy. As well as owning nearly half the globe through colonies the United Kingdom was very advanced in technology and science, benefiting it's industry in full scale production of new technology. Though after suffering 2 world wars, taking strength from the country, it started to spiral down from the empire it once had; slipping behind and putting other countries such as Germany, France and of course the USA ahead of it.

Population and Growth

The United Kingdom is only around 244,820sq km but has a population of 60 million occupants - this pushes up prices throughout the area due to land shortage and also affects the country in other good and bad ways. Due to a fairly good national health system and a good standard of living; the infant mortality rate is only around 5/1000 babies born and the average age to live to is around 78. Gender is constantly balanced throughout and the median age is 48, showing that a good standard of living, healthcare and employment is present - factors indicating an MEDC country. Another factor that can be seen is that the number of people living with AIDS in the United Kingdom is 34,000 though on average only 460 die, from this it can be...