Comparison Between "American Dream" And "Always Running"

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People have always pondered upon the "American Dream". But people live different lives, one such as the story in "Always Running" by Luis J. Rodriguez. Yet people don't even realize how reality is far too different from the quote, unquote "American Dream".

The "American Dream" is just something every American wishes for. Everyone dreams about living in a two-story home in a secluded, quiet peaceful neighborhood with intelligent, charismatic children, and a dog. This is just a silly thing to do dreaming won't get you anywhere unless you do something about it. People should get up and make that dream come true. In addition, the "American Dream" consists of having a well paying job which will allow the family to buy expensive, elegant materials such as clothing and jewelry. People are sometimes shallow, wanting every little thing just to elevate their social statusl.

They just keep on purchasing materialistic objects that they don't even need but just desire. The "American Dream" isn't really a dream but a fantasy.

The story in "Always Running" reflects upon the life of an individual, which is actually the opposite of the "American Dream". Luis Rodriguez lives a life of pain, stereotypical people, and of course gang warfare Growing up in gang violence must break a child's emotional well-being. It's sad to see kids growing up becoming gang members and robbing, even killing other innocent people. Thug life is burdening, not being able to possess the money you want, living in a jerrybuilt one bedroom apartment, not sure if you have enough food to feed your family, and being involved in constant hindrance with your family members. The life of a gangbanger is really perilous with frequent run-ins with the law. I'm...