Comparison between the Art of War and the Time Machine

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Novels of the past century have talked about the works of fiction and how they help people’s lives. They offer morals as well as lessons learned after reading. The novels The Time Machine by H.G. Wells talks about the future of the human race as well as the theory of time travel and The Art of War by Sun Tzu provides readers with a manual type of reading explaining how to fight or avoid wars. Although they may have many differences between both books one must also take note of their similarities as well.

The roles of a main character for the most part have a strong influence in the development of a novel. The narrations in the two books describe how a person can have the ability to change the lives of others. In The Time Machine, the time traveller decides to create a machine that can travel back and forth in time to benefit the past such as “travel back and verify the accepted account of the Battle of Hastings”(Wells 7).

However, by travelling ahead of his time he assists in countering threats for the future as well as “he wishes the better for the human race” as described in Comparing HG Wells' The Time Machine and Mark Twain's Connecticut Yankee. This event is also similar in The Art of War because Tzu has written to his readers in the position of a General who must lead his army to victory. The instructions given include protecting and taking good care of the army as the number one priority as a General just like "regard[ing] your soldiers as your children. Look[ing] on them as your own beloved sons” (Tzu 27). Although the main character has a strong influence they have separate motives for their actions. The two novels differ...