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The world of video games has come a long way since I was a kid. When I was younger, I can remembe that an Atari video game system would cost $200.00. Now, you can easily get an old Atari or Nintendo console for five dollars. The newest gaming systems on the market right now are the Microsoft Xbox and the Sony Playstation2, also known as PS2. There are many similarities and differences between these two systems.

The Microsoft Xbox is 31cm wide, 27cm deep, and 10cm high. It has a large surface area and is decorated with a variety of different designs. Whereas the dimensions of the Sony PS2 is 30cm wide, 18cm deep, and 8cm high. It is small, flat, black in color, and can lie on a surgace horizontally or vertically making it easy to hide.

The specifications for these systmes are similar in several ways. They both share the ability of Internet play, double as DVD players, have analog controllers, as well as USB ports.

However, they are different in many other ways. Xbox is a nuch faster system due to its Intel Custom Pentium III processor. This is what makes the Xbox have the speed of a personal computer. The PS2 has an I/O processor that can't compare. The Xbox also has an internal memory so there is no need to buy a memory card. The PS2 has no memory card and they cost fifty dollars. If your Xbox was to be hit by a lightening strike or even a small electric surge, it could kill the internal memory.

The PS2 was introduced to the public several weeks earlier than the Xbox and got a strong hold on the consumer market. It has been on the video game market much longer then the Xbox and...