Compelling Communication for Change

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Change and the management thereof in an organization are made up of a complex set of organization concepts. These concepts must be understood for their contribution to successful organizational change, transformation, or transition. We will look at the area of this organization that needs change to continue to grow successfully. The topic of this report will entail who will be involved and how this will take place and what should be communicated to start this process of change.

Identifying what Change is needed.

Identifying the basic concepts of communication and how proper and compelling communication can help promote positive change and cooperation with everyone involved in the process (Kotter, 1996). The major issue within any organization is usually communication. The specific issue within this division is the scheduling of classes when one director within the division does not fully understand the other programs and the significant importance of each in the overall picture as they relate to providing services to individuals who need a flexible schedule.

One should first study the market to see what the competition is offering and identify the opportunities that might exist for this program's vision. The competition is proprietary schools that offer accelerated and flexible schedules. Our program falls within a division that consists of different programs nevertheless; one lead instructor imagines a new vision for its program. This vision was that of an accelerated program similar, to what the competitors are offering, as opposed to our current semester long classes. This change needs to be made in the class schedule for this particular program. The change to the program would benefit a significant segment of students who are mothers needing a flexible schedule allowing them to take their children to school and to pick them up after school. Therefore, the issue is that...