Competing through Operation: KFC Report

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Competing through Operation (MET) UMMCYW-20-2

Coursework: Report



Company profile: KFC

Five performance objectives


Capacity constraints

Capacity strategy

Relationship between five performance objectives

and capacity strategy





The report focuses on KFC - the leading chicken fast food restaurant in the world, and one of the largest players in the fast food market. By using five performance objectives and various research methods, the report aims to analyze how the restaurant perform and manage its operation capacity in order to provide qualified food and service to the customers.

Besides, the restaurant's capacity constrains and capacity strategies are discussed base on the primary data from KFC Union Street, Bristol City centre. It would link to the relationship between Capacity strategy and five performance objectives (Slack et al, 2004), as well as, how they support each other.

Company profile

KFC first starts in 1930s, when Harland Sanders opened his restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky.

KFC now spreads out to more than 100 countries with around 15500 outlets worldwide. Of these, there are more than 800 restaurants located in the UK.

The restaurant has concentrated on fried-chicken-on-bone products under the name Original Recipe and expanded the offers with other items include chicken sandwiches and chicken wings, as well as, biscuits, mashed potatoes, corn, potato wedges and desserts. The new line-grilled chicken with fewer calories, fat and salt than the Original Recipe- was launched in 2009. It was called "one of the biggest new product rollouts in the history of the company" by the KFC president Roger Eaton. Being tested in many regions included the UK; this new line has been well received as a healthier alternative which retains good in taste.

The following part will discuss about how KFC applies five performance...