Competitors forces, case study of Agriculture market in Saudi Arabia

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1.0 Introduction:

Analyzing the industry and the competition is the starting point for developing a business strategy.

A lot of unexperienced companies disappeared after a while because of poor market analyzing.

Market analyzing include studying markets opportunity then study competitors strategy, strengths and weakness point.

Analyzing each competitor's business, will gain company a better understanding of why customers are doing business with specified names, rather than other competitors and it will determining competitive advantage and communicate it to customers through marketing and sales materials.

Also analyzing each competitor's products and services will help to plan for new product development or service offerings.

In this way the company will make a competitive strategy, which make it different from others in customers eyes and adding value different from others.

At this papers there will be a study for two competitors in Saudi agriculture market, NADEC the small fish that studied the market will and compete the big fish Almarai

2.0 Product Strategy

Dairy industrial start in Saudi Arabia between 1950- 1970,it start as importing whole milk powder along with some processed cheese, butter and sterilized cream and evaporated milk. Then in 1970 because of the country development companies had to made some developments in agriculture and food industries into practical activities to meet the annual growth in population.

This industry encouraged a lot to attack the market like Almarai, Alsafi, SADFCO and AlRabia.

Most of these companies were one person or a group sharing but at 1981 the royal decree issued to establish a dairy company called National Development Company (NADEC).

2.1 NADEC Histories:

NADEC has an ultra-modern plant in Haradh with a capacity to produce about 1 million liter per day.

NADEC managed throw a board of director who work together with a team of professional to manage day-to-day...