Expanding Disneyland in Egypt

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A. Abstract


n this project we were assigned to develop and establish, on the behalf of Disney Company, a completely new Disneyland Resort in Egypt.

Disney Company has developed an international strategy, trying to penetrate all its potential markets around the globe. This expansion to Egypt falls within the perspectives of this strategy.

Moreover, as Disney Company has to carefully evaluate all the characteristics of the hosting country, cultural differences, political, economic, financial, social, and legal environments will be extensively analysed.

Furthermore, apart from the country's environments and characteristics, another core factor should be looked upon. This factor is the relationship between the parent and the host country. In this specific situation, the U.S. and Egypt have a very strong relationship. They are bonded not only by a strong and long lasting friendship, but also by many official agreements and treaties.

Disney Company's ultimate goal is to make Disneyland Resort in Egypt, an international "must-see" tourist destination.

Finally after examining all the factors that will be presented in our project, we will present the composition of the new Disneyland Resort, along with a 5-year development plan and a crisis management model.

B. Company's Profile


1. Walter Elias Disney

alter Elias Disney was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 5, 1901. Walter had three older brothers, Roy, Raymond, and Herbert, and a younger sister named Ruth.

After the war, Walt Disney decided that he was going to begin his career as an advertising cartoonist. He worked with several different advertising companies. In his free time Walt made animated cartoon advertisements.

In 1923, Walt and his brother Roy put their money together to construct a small set in their uncle's garage. They received an offer from New York for the "Alice Comedy." So the brothers began their production operation in...