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I. Coverage of Management Training ProgramsThe Management training programs discussed herewith are intended to address the problems and issues undermining the Human Resource Department for the National Lewis and Clark Corporation. The sudden growth of the company assumes areas for consideration in order to further improve the performance and stability of the organization through a comprehensive training program. The following are important criterion to consider: a.) administrative direction of the National Lewis Clark Corporation by completing necessary affiliations and certifications from governing agencies; b.) professionalism and competency training for all employees with the proper credentials and degrees in order to assume specific positions, c.) open communication lines through a strong and fair human resource personnel and office that caters to the employees.

A. The first consideration talks on the definite direction and purpose the whole company takes and how it will serve its clients. This is achieved by a well meaning mission and vision planning that are coordinated through a collective effort among the employees.

Therefore, it seeks the whole company to form cluster groups wherein they will be able to discuss the salient points which NL&C needs to proceed and achieve. In doing so, the direction that the whole company takes is not from a top-down level but instead begins from the necessary predicaments which everybody works for. Once in place, the whole company moves with one mission and one vision aligned according to each and everyone’s disposition. There is a sense of unity attained. When this is achieved, recognition from other counterpart offices and organizations will be much easier to achieve. Affiliations and linkages in both private and public offices will be well defined.

B. The HRD needs to put in place a competency training programme that will professionalize the whole organization in matters...