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You have mail! The AOL account pops up an envelope on the bottom left of the screen. The user vigorously scurries their hand to the mouse, because they know that they must check their e-mail every half hour to be kept up to date. This is a typical life for someone with an Internet addiction. Internet addictions have been storming America's colleges faster than yoyos did in the 1970's. To go to college in America, it almost seems impossible not to have a computer with a properly working Internet. Even if you cannot afford a computer, you can easily use one of the many computer rooms found all over college campuses. Students seem to be getting more addicted by the second, and it has to stop. I believe that Rene Sanchez's essay called "Surfing's Up and Grades Are Down" sets a great example of how serious these addictions are turning out to be.

Rene speaks it perfectly when she explains, "It is hardly a crisis on any campus-yet. Some college officials say it's merely a fad, and not nearly as harmful as other bad habits students often prey on campuses. But concern over the issue is spreading"(Rose 472). Now is the time to take a stand on this addiction, or else it can start overwhelming schools and become a serious problem. According to Alfred University in Upstate New York, it is already a serious problem. Their survey concluded, "All students that dropped out last semester had one thing in common, internet addiction. Twice as many students as usual - seventy-five, mostly freshman - did not return for classes this spring. Half of them have been logging as much as six hours a day on computer games or the web, usually late at night". (Rose 474)

I believe that...