A concise analysis of 3 main problems facing the Weimar Republic from 1919-1923.

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The Weimar Republic began in 1919 with Ebert as their first president. The republic faced many problems from the very beginning because of the stage Germany was in. Germany had lost a large proportion of their troops in World War I, some still believed that they had not lost, and the economy in Germany was in the most disastrous condition. Many problems cause the Weimar Republic to be unstable, such as their president and the constitution, the Wall Street Crash, and the death of influencing foreign minister Gustav Stresemann.

The constitution of the Weimar Republic was unlike many constitutions seen today. It contained many flaws that caused many problems for Germany later in the future. The biggest, most problem-causing section of the constitution is Article 48. This article stated that in times of emergency, the president could ignore the existence of the constitution and take full power over the state.

However, the constitution did not state exactly which situation is considered an emergency or the time limit for the president to be in complete control. This would not have been such a large problem if Hindenburg had not taken power. He frequently used excuses to gain such power. Hindenburg born in 1847 became the president of the Weimar Republic in 1925, continuing on until his death. He was responsible for bringing Hitler to power. During his presidency he appointed Hitler to chancellor, allowing him to refill the vacant spot of the president when Hindenburg past away. As many may know, Hitler later caused many disputes between countries, though it may seem great for the Weimar Republic, but the consequences suffered are not.

The state of Germany was already experiencing economical problems by in the 1920's, but the Great Depression that started in October in 1929 just worsened the...